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Kiddie Arts Telmo Pieper

"Digital painted Creatures and stuff based on my own childhood drawings. I designed these creatures at the age of 4 and now reincarnated them with digital painting" 

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Joram Roukes, “Paramnesia" at Thinkspace.

Opening on Saturday, July 19th at Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City, California is Joram Roukes’s first solo show with the gallery, “Paramnesia.”  The show is an entire body of new work that Joram (Previously Featured) has created over the past six months and wherein juxtaposing elements of reality and fiction are purported on canvas in photographic detail.  Hit the jump below to check out some studio visit shots an awesome video of Joram explaining “Paramnesia!”

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Wonderful drawings by Haejung Lee

Korean born artist Haejung Lee now lives and works in Toronto, Canada. The main influence in the work of Haejung are the little details that make up a person.

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Adam Lupton, New Work.

Vancouver, Canada based artist Adam Lupton’s (Previously on Supersonic) most recent paintings where he explores capturing time on canvas but also humanity’s transformations in social and emotional context during the periods he documents:

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Jerome Lagarrigue (b.1973, France/USA) - Iris

Jérôme Lagarrigue is an award-winning French painter and illustrator, living and working in New York. Lagarrigue captures the world in his work. Landscapes or human models, the subjects of his paintings are all serving his artistic quest. The Franco-American artist combines figuration and abstraction in his paintings, transparencies and dilutions, reliefs and layers, in order to capture the double dimension of existence. An extension of the philosophical conflict between pragmatism and the metaphysical, his works have two visions, that were opposed until now, reunites them and opens the way to a sensorial and emotional interpretation of form and of substance. His work is an invitation seize the immanence which lies restless under the traits of the ordinary. (src. Artsper)

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[more Jerome Lagarrigue | artist found at angrywhistler]

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Wild-Man Zachari Logan

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Erica Rose Levine, “Empress.”

Opening this Saturday, June 21st in Thinkspace Gallery’s Project Room is Erica Rose Levine’s show “Empress.”  Erica, who works primarily with colored pencils, creates portraits that depict decadent, powerful women within a minimalist photorealistic style that resembles high fashion photography.

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Yih-Han Wu.

Delicate portraits of women by Yih-Han Wu:

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ROYALS from Paris

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