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Star Wars meets Doctor Who Benoît Dromby

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Hikari Shimoda at Cotton Candy Machine.

This month at Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn, New York is the two person show “Niji Bambini" which features work by Hikari Shimoda (Interviewed) and Camilla d’Errico.  Take a look at some of Hikari’s gorgeous work above and if you’re in Brooklyn be sure and stop by, the show is on display until November 9th.

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Joanne Nam for Thinkspace Gallery’s “Fresh.”

Brand new work by artist Joanne Nam for Thinkspace Gallery’s group show, “Fresh,” which opens this Saturday, October 11th in Culver City, California.  The show features work from Thinkspace Gallery’s roster of new artists.  See one more of Joanne’s paintings for the show below.

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Ivan Khomenko.

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